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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best shabu restaurant in Orange County?

Hands down the best Shabu restaurant in The Entire Orange County. Only one that comes close is Miss Shabu. For dollar for dollar this restaurant comes number one in my book. But you must go early and wait. It's very small and many customers line up. One of the best Shabu Shabu Place in my humble opinion.

What happens after you've had a round of shabu-shabu?

After you’ve had rounds of your shabu shabu, they ask if you would like a scoop of ice cream! Overall — So much selection, so much shabu shabu. It really is all you can eat! The lunch special price is unbeatable but you still get so much with any other menu.

How much is a shabu?

Lunch Shabu starts at 10.99. You get 5 oz. of meat. Dinner Shabu starts at 12.99. You get 5 oz. of meat. The Natural and Halal meats are available on the All You Can Eat (AYCE). Halal chicken and Halal beef included.

Is there parking at shabu shabu?

Really great shabu shabu place!!! Also all you can eat (AYCE) which is a BIG plus! There is a large parking lot in front of the restaurant, so parking shouldn’t be an issue. However, since it is a popular restaurant, be prepared to wait if you come for dinner.

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