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Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are used in shabu shabu?

Shabu-shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ) is a Japanese nabemono hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water. The term is onomatopoeic, derived from the sound emitted when the ingredients are stirred in the cooking pot and served with dipping sauces.

What is the difference between shabu shabu and Sukiyaki?

Related dishes Shabu-shabu is similar, but whereas sukiyaki is considered sweeter, shabu-shabu is more savory. Shabu-shabu meat is even more thinly sliced and the individual slices of meat are cooked by dipping into simmering liquid at the table, while sukiyaki is cooked in a more casserole style.

What is a hot pot in Japanese?

Shabu-shabu is another popular hot pot in Japan. Shabu-shabu hot pot is prepared by submerging a very thin slice of meat or a piece of vegetable in a pot of broth made with kelp (kombu) and swishing it back and forth several times.

What is hot pot?

Hot pot is a communal dining experience that involves a metal pot full of simmering broth in the middle of the table, surrounded by a variety of raw meat, seafood, and vegetables waiting to be immersed and cooked. Hot pot originated in China and is popular throughout Asia.

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