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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the buffet at shabu Sai?

3. Shabu Sai – traditional Japanese-style setting (from $16.99) Shabu Sai has drawn in the crowds with a huge range of buffet items at wallet-friendly prices. The weekday lunch buffet is only $16.99++ per pax, while weeknight dinners will set you back $23.99++ per pax.

Where can I find the best shabu-shabu in Tokyo?

Shabu Shabu House is a no-nonsense, authentic Japanese hotpot restaurant that excels at what it does. This tiny shop in the Japanese Village Plaza is always busy, and for good reason. THINGS TO NOTE: 1) They only serve shabu shabu at dinner.

Is shabu Sai the best place to have a Virgin Experience?

As per its 6 outlets dotted all around Singapore, Shabu Sai has proven its favour and value amongst many Singaporeans alike. Testing out our virgin experience at Shabu Sai at the Eastpoint outlet, it still saw a steady stream of customers, even in a pretty secluded mall.

Why choose shabu Sai for your next hotpot?

Great choice to switch up your regular hotpot base and try something different from their 6 soup choices, including favourites such as the Tonkotsu and Sukiyaki Soup Base. Shabu Sai also incorporates a wide range of fresh vegetables and noodles as per a buffet setting for guests to enjoy.

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