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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul PPV?

Sources: The Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul exhibition generated over 1 million buys on pay-per-view. The PPV was available via Showtime and Fanmio at $49.99. There’s no precise PPV number available yet, but the show will at least exceed 1 million in buys

How much money can Mayweather and Paul make from pay-per-view?

If that split holds for this fight, at a $49.99 price, about 4.8 million would have to buy for Mayweather and Paul to earn $120 million combined from pay-per-view revenue. Considering only one fight in the history of boxing has ever approached those numbers, it seems quite unlikely.

What's the difference between Mayweather's PPV success and Davis' success?

Mayweather believes the major difference between the success he had generating 340,000 PPV buys as a first-time headliner for the Gatti fight and what Davis is enjoying today is the advantage of social media.

How much money did the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight generate?

The fight generated 4.3 million domestic pay-per-view buys and more than $600 million in total revenue, Showtime announced. Those figures are good for second place all time behind Mayweather's 2015 decision win against Manny Pacquiao in their long-awaited welterweight title unification showdown at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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