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Frequently Asked Questions

What does PPMH stand for?

Continued The mission of the UNC Program for Precision Medicine in Health Care (PPMH) is to foster advancements in evidence-based precision medicine approaches to screening, prevention, diagnosis, and health management for North Carolinians in the UNC Health System and beyond.

What is the ppmH steering committee?

The PPMH Steering Committee is comprised of 13 members representing 20 departments across the School of Medicine, as well as representatives from the UNC Health Care System, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Public Health.

Who is the director of the ppmH?

The PPMH was launched in Fall 2018 under the leadership of Director, Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD, Professor in the Department of Genetics. Associate Director, Laura Milko, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics, joined the PPMH leadership in early 2019.

What classes can I take at PPMH?

At PPMH, students are able to take college level classes as early as 6th grade and may even attend summer college classes, all at no cost to the student. By 9th grade, they are able to take AP and Dual Enrollment classes and in Senior year they may complete the year on the college campus if they prefer.

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