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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the majority of Japanese speak some basic English?

The prevalence of English speakers in Japan is actually very low, with less than 30% able to speak English, and less than 10% able to speak it fluently. This is despite English being very widely taught in schools for many years. Tourists should not expect many of the locals to be able to speak English when visiting there. Knowing some basic ...

How do I teach English in Japan?

The simplest way to teach English in one of Japan’s public schools is to apply to the Japanese government’s JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) scheme. Do check out TEFL jobs boards too though, as some of Japan’s public schools also recruit English teachers direct. Teach English privately in Japan.

Is Japanese easier than English?

Wile Japanese has more loan-words from English, these aren’t so significant that they make a big difference when it comes to learning vocabulary. And while it might be easier to distinguish between Chinese words because of tones, the advantage that this provides isn’t really that important.

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