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Frequently Asked Questions

What are common girl names in Japan?

さくら (Sakura), こころ (Kokoro), ひなた(Hinata), ひかり (Hikari) and ほのか (Honoka) are popular girl's names written in hiragana. Modern Trends Popular boy's names have endings such as ~to, ~ki, and ~ta.

What are some cool Japanese names?

Japanese baby names are gorgeous. They will make a little girl feel beautiful, inside and out. Here are some more popular Japanese girl names and their meanings: 308. Rai — trust. 309. Raku — pleasure. 310. Ran — water lily. 311. Ran — orchid. 312. Rei — lovely bell. 313. Reiki — healing the spirit. 314. Reiko — thankful child. 315. Reina — wise. 316.

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