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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I identify Japanese Beetles?

To identify Japanese beetles, look for six-legged shiny beetles and plant damage. Japanese beetles are identified by their metallic green heads, shimmering coppery back, and five white tufts along their side. The beetles skeletonize foliage. You can identify Japanese beetle damage by the leaf’s lacy appearance caused by numerous holes.

How do I get rid of Japanese Beetles?

Getting rid of Japanese beetles requires a multi-method approach. As well as using sprays to kill beetles, you can grow plants that repel these colorful beetles. At the same time, it’s vital to avoid planting shrubs that attract the leaf-eating pests.

How did Japanese Beetles get introduced to the US?

JB was likely introduced from Japan into the eastern U.S. in 1916 in shipments of ornamental plants. It is now established in most Eastern and some Midwestern states. In 2006, a small population of adult beetles was detected in Orem, Utah.

What plants are vulnerable to Japanese Beetles?

Plant geraniums nearby: Japanese beetles are particularly attracted to geraniums. They eat the blossoms, promptly get dizzy from the natural chemicals in the geranium, fall off the plant, and permit you to dispose of them conveniently with a dustpan and brush.

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