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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Jake Paul's fight with Anderson Silva do huge numbers?

Jake Paul is not expecting his fight with Anderson Silva to do huge numbers. Paul defeated the UFC legend by unanimous decision in their boxing match this past Saturday at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Ariz., even scoring a knockdown in Round 8. Not only was it Paul’s most impressive win to date, it was an entertaining back-and-forth scrap.

Did fears over Anderson Silva knocking him out cause pay-per-view sales?

Jake Paul has admitted that fears over Anderson Silva being knocked out in sparring caused pay-per-view sales for their fight to "tank". YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul, 25, picked up his sixth professional win this past weekend by dropping Silva on the way to a points victory over the UFC legend.

Is Jake Paul undefeated in boxing?

With the win over Silva, Jake Paul has extended his undefeated run in boxing to six. On the other hand, the former UFC star's boxing record currently stands at 3-2. During a post-fight interview, the younger Paul brother called out UFC legend Nate Diaz and the undisputed super-middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez for future fights.

What is Jake Paul's 'United Fighters Association'?

During the post-fight press conference after his fight with Silva, Jake Paul reaffirmed that he and Silva were still going to band together to create a "United Fighters Association" with the aim of helping fighters negotiate better pay and long-term healthcare:

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