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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order Ichiran ramen at Shibuya without queuing?

For those who want to enjoy Ichiran Ramen at Shibuya without queuing for a long time, I’d like to introduce tips for how to skip the line and how to order at Ichiran Ramen Shibuya. Ichiran Ramen (一蘭) is one of the most famous Tonkotsu (pork-based broth) ramen restaurants in Japan.

Where to eat ramen in Shibuya?

Ichiran is popular Ramen chains in Tokyo especially among foreign visitors, and the Ichiran in Shibuya is the most-visited branch where many people make a long line in front of the restaurant all the time.

What is Ichiran select 5?

The “Ichiran Select 5” is based on the regular ramen including additional toppings such as a boiled egg, kikurage (wood ear mushrooms), sheets of dried laver seaweed and Char-siu pork. 2. Personalize your ramen A staff guides your to an individual seat which is partitioned by table dividers (if you are groups, the dividers can be opened).

How much is a ramen ticket at Ichiran?

At first, you need to buy a ramen ticket with a ticket-vending machine instead of placing an order with waitstaff. Ichiran offers two major menu: the special “Ichiran Select 5″ (1,490 yen) and the regular “Ramen” (890 yen).

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