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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ginza a good place to eat?

In the last 17 years, we have been offering delicious, genuine Japanese food to our neighbors. We have the best ginger dressing, soups, teriyaki sauce, and great quality sushi and sashimi. Eating at Ginza will make you feel right at home with our cozy atmosphere and excellent services.

Does Ginza AYCE sushi - Torrance take reservations?

Does Ginza AYCE Sushi - Torrance take reservations? Does Ginza AYCE Sushi - Torrance have outdoor seating? Yes, Ginza AYCE Sushi - Torrance has outdoor seating. Is Ginza AYCE Sushi - Torrance currently offering delivery or takeout? Yes, Ginza AYCE Sushi - Torrance offers both delivery and takeout. What forms of payment are accepted?

Does Ginza French Japanese cuisine accept credit cards?

Ginza French Japanese Cuisine accepts credit cards. How is Ginza French Japanese Cuisine rated? Ginza French Japanese Cuisine has 4 stars.

What is the Ginza of Tokyo?

Located in the newly developed Maple Lawn residential area of Howard County, and next to Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and Verizon service center, The Ginza of Tokyo will provide accessible and affordable high quality food, and entertainment to the thousands of residents and employees of area business.

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