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Frequently Asked Questions

What is city data?

City-Data. City-Data is an Illinois -based social networking and information website that presents data and information pertaining to United States cities, and offers public online forums for discussion. US cities, counties, zip codes, and neighborhoods are profiled and compared using governmental data about race, income, education,...

What is the city-data blog?

At the City-Data Blog, our writers utilize data to answer questions you never knew you had. From silly, light-hearted investigations to powerful economic examinations, we cover a range of topics that anyone can enjoy! Our writers, many of them Ph.D. graduates or candidates, create easy-to-read articles on a wide variety of topics.

Who owns City-data?

City-Data. is owned and operated by Advameg, Inc. of Hinsdale, Illinois. The information on the website includes consumer names and street addresses, obtained via FOIA requests and other public records; City-Data has an opt-out feature to break the web-visible association between names and street addresses,...

How does City Data Services manage grant and loan funds?

Grant and loan funds are easily managed with City Data Services. We tailor our software to meet your needs. We take your existing forms and build online versions; applications, periodic reports, expense summaries, public services and an array of housing reports.

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